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The Glossary of Mining Terminology is a first attempt to improve Inuktitut ter- Glossary of Mining Terminology 14 Gold a yellow malleable ductile high density

Glossary of Minerals and Mining Terms H Fay, A Glossary of the Mining and Mineral Indus- try U S Used at one time for the extraction of gold and silver

A glossary of terms to accompany the report: Indias gold market: evolution and http:

encourage the use of established or well-defined terms to accurately describe handled shovel This method of alluvial goldmining was used extensively on the

Jul 20, 2014 Pacton Gold Announces Plans To Purchase Two Granted Mining Leases High graded - It can mean going after the best ore, as others have said, but it Its a review package on mining terms for an introductory mining

Many of the following terms have universal definitions, that is, they have definitions ASSAY VALUE The amount of gold or silver, contained in an ore or other

Aug 1, 2001 The sulfuric acid mixes with water and flows out of the mine into cyanide is used to remove the precious metal gold or silver from the ore

Mining terms explained: A to Z A glossary of mining terms method of extracting precious metals, such as gold, from the ore in which it is embedded by using

Mining dictionary of terms for explorers, historians and industrial archaeologists to prospect for ore veins and extract ores, especially gold, tin and lead-silver

A recovery process in which a slurry of gold ore, carbon granules and cyanide are mixed together The cyanide dissolves the gold content and the gold is

Gold-mining synonyms, Gold-mining pronunciation, Gold-mining translation, English dictionary definition of Gold-mining n Informal A rich or plentiful source of ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus

Jun 4, 2013 This article covers the more commonly used mining terms and definitions when talking about underground hard rock mines Understanding

Gold Mining Terms Glossary Download our PDF of Gold Mining Terms adit a horizontal or nearly horizontal underground passage coming to the surface at

of synonyms for mining and quarrying, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus to dig a large hole or tunnel in the ground in order to get coal, gold etc, or to

Jul 28, 2014 Heres a list of ten interesting mining terms you might like to know, the terms and definitions in answer to a question about miners slang

Gold Prospecting and mining terms Geology Glossary, GOLD Mines FOR SALE, Hard Rock GOLD CLAIMS FOR SALE

This glossary, complied from a variety of sources, is by no means Carbon-in-leach C-I-L:: A recovery process in which a slurry of gold ore, free carbon

GLOSSARY OF MINING TERMS adit: A nearly horizontal entrance to a hard-rock mine argonaut: The men who came to California during the Gold Rush after

Mining claim definition is - a tract of land having access to a vein or lode of You must there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are

EX-99 15 glossary htm EX99 3 - GLOSSARY OF MINING TERMS Carbon-in-pulp - A method of recovering gold and silver from pregnant cyanide solutions by

Drift mining is either the mining of an ore deposit by underground methods, or the working of Drift is a more general mining term, meaning a near-horizontal passageway in a mine, following the bed of coal, for instance or vein of ore For the next 14 years, drift mining placer gold deposits in buried Tertiary channels

Likewise, the term bonanza, meaning a rich strike or a windfall, was in use long From the description, we judge the Australian gold mines are similar to

This glossary is publi~hed by the Bureau of Mines as a contribu- tion to the mining The metallurgy of sll\er, gold, and mercury In the United States 1887

This glossary is published by the Bureau of Mines as a contribu- tion to the mining literature The metallurgy of silver, gold, and mercury in the United States

Glossary of Mining Terms Glossary of Mining Feasibility Studies Mining feasibility studies are an evaluation of a proposed mining project to determine whether

Define Gold mining Gold mining synonyms, Gold mining pronunciation, Gold mining translation, English dictionary definition of Gold mining n Montana is not alone in suffering long-term environmental damage as a result of gold mining

Oct 6, 2015 ADIT An entrance to a mine, generally a horizontal tunnel AMALGAMATION The technique of using mercury to attract small particles of

Jun 8, 2000 Click on a letter or scroll through the entire glossary DE-AREATOR TANK : This tank is used to process ore into gold in hard rock mining

Jan 1, 2018 Historical Glossary of terms used in the American Mining Industry Ancient Riverbed Claims Gold found in beds of rivers now extinct

Feb 5, 2010 show: definitions notes only words a miner who took part in the California gold rush in 1849 niner a district where gold is mined

Many, many prospecting and mining related terms are defined in every day language Amalgamation: The process of using mercury to recover micron gold and

Feb 5, 2016 Definition of gold mining in the Definitions net dictionary Vocabulary Gold mining is the process of mining of gold or gold ores from the

gold mine meaning: 1 a place where gold is taken from the ground2 He knows that the definition of the term the best practical means represents a gold mine

Your use of Urban Dictionary is subject to our terms of service I understand × Top definition Gold Panning Ive been gold panning this whole time, only to find out that this guy is a total dud Get a Gold Panning mug for your fish Abdul 2

Following are links to various mining glossaries: Northern Miner- Glossary of Terms Rocks and Minerals - Glossary of Mining Terminology Gold Mining Terms

guided gold prospecting adventures at historic locations near denver, gold panning experience, gold panning, gold pan, sluicing, free gold, gold strike, gold

Gold mining terms and definitions ALLOY: A compound of two or more metals, usually produced by fusion; BULLION: Raw gold that is reduced to nearly pure

Sep 25, 2010 Mining Glossary From Caltans Crevicing: The mining of stream channels for gold that has washed down and lodged in bedrock The best

assay, to test ore with a chemical to find out how much gold is in it 1849, but has come to mean all who came to mine for gold in California during the gold rush

Butt entry - A coal mining term that has different meanings in different locations It can be Also called iron pyrites, fools gold, sulfur balls Iron pyrite is the most

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