Michael Rainey Jr. Reflects on the Final Season of 'Power Book II: Ghost'

Michael Rainey Jr. Reflects on the Final Season of 'Power Book II: Ghost' Jun, 7 2024

Michael Rainey Jr. Reflects on the Final Season of 'Power Book II: Ghost'

Since its premiere on Starz ten years ago, the Power franchise has captivated audiences with its intense drama and complex characters. At the heart of this epic saga is Michael Rainey Jr., who portrays Tariq St. Patrick. The young actor has grown up alongside his character, both evolving and maturing over the past decade. As we approach the final season of Power Book II: Ghost, Rainey reflects on his long and transformative journey with the series.

Early Days on 'Power'

Michael Rainey Jr. joined the Power universe at a tender age of 13. Created by Courtney A. Kemp, the original series Power introduced viewers to the dynamic and perilous world of James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, and his family. Rainey played the role of Tariq, Ghost's son, who initially appeared as an innocent child unaware of his father's criminal undertakings.

Reflecting on his early days, Rainey recalls how he was just getting started in his acting career. He had no idea about his character's trajectory or how the show would progress. What began as a small role eventually grew into something much larger. “I didn’t really know where it was headed. I just knew I had to do my best in every scene,” Rainey shares.

His performance caught the attention of not only audiences but also executive producer Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, who became one of Rainey’s mentors. “Working with 50 was amazing,” Rainey says. “He’s a great guy and taught me a lot about the industry. He always pushed me to be my best, both professionally and personally.”

Tariq's Transformation

As the series progressed, so did Tariq’s character. Around seasons 3 and 4, Tariq began to undergo a significant transformation. He evolved from a naive teenager into a rebellious young man, grappling with the dangerous realities of his father’s world. This transformation not only added depth to the series but also provided Rainey with the opportunity to showcase his acting prowess.

“I think it was around seasons 3 or 4 that I realized just how impactful the show was becoming,” Rainey reflects. The character of Tariq became more layered, and his actions more consequential. Fans saw him take part in some of the series' most intense storylines, including the death of his sister Raina and the ultimate betrayal of his father.

These pivotal moments set the stage for Power Book II: Ghost, a spin-off series that explores a world where Tariq steps into his father’s shoes.